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Sameer and I regularly give presentations to students about the importance of using technology safely and responsibly. Due to time and resource...

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Tajalli Love March 4, The Grand Prize winner of the Stop Bullying Challenge, this video uses illustrations and a good-looking song to encourage kids to stand up to bullies. We love this video, which too nabbed an honorable mention in the Stop Bullying Challenge, being it conveys the simple tidings that being a hero is easier than you think. Is it right or wrong? The kids tell you what they think. This high schooler started a Facebook page and Twittering account to send sincere compliments and positive messages to his classmates.

These seemingly small acts of kindness have a mountainous impact, creating a true common sense of community at his shape and inspring many, many more. On October 10, , Amanda Todd committed suicide.

Did you know about these Facebook features before seeing this video? It is compelling, eloquent, creative, and totally relatable and engaging to students. How have you put others into a box?

Why did Joe resist telling adults in his life about what he was experiencing? Really well produced, Strain, is a moving story, but deals with topics like alcoholic parents, self harm, and even suicide. What could you do if something like this happened to you?

Your honest opinion ladies????

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#2 Be the hero

There are, however, other reasons not to go out in the rain. I am searching for a particularly great anti-cyber bullying clip, circa ? Can you relate to Tristan and Lauren when it comes to what you are doing online? We recommend watching them first, before sharing them with your children to decide which ones will help you facilitate a meaningful conversation with them on these subjects.

How can we remember to become the best versions of ourselves, regardless of haters and the stresses of life? Australian researcher Donna Cross introduced me to this wonderful video created by students and staff at a Catholic school in New South Wales, Australia.

He came back the following year and played with a new sense of confidence, helping his team to many victories.

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Best bullying videos

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A site kids frequent to watch content is YouTube. Today we are sharing the 5 Best Anti-Bullying Videos on YouTube for Tweens and Teens. 10...