Good one year anniversary ideas - 1st Year Anniversary Gifts: 40 Perfect Presents for the Happy Couple

Three hundred and sixty-five days—and counting! You just made it through your first year of marriage, which means it's time to celebrate. And what better...

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When is it my turn?

This adorable kitchen timer is shaped like a macaron, which not only makes it perfect for keeping time while cooking desserts, but also just begs to be given with a box of macarons. And yes, it's a win-win, because you get to go, too! Boy shorts for her? Give it to him marked with all the places you've been together, then you can both add the places you still want to go.

Plus, the prints are so playful—there's even a dino option! And the best part? He probably has a dozen cufflinks, but we bet he doesn't have a pair of paper cufflinks—especially a pair personalized with little pieces of your beautiful wedding invitations.

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Norks One: Please make a video about English guy

Rucussing: Iam half Slovak half Ukrainian and Russian culture is very close to ours .so i can definitely agree with this video .Slavic men in general are very similar, so yes .i think iam going to stick to our amazing Slavic men :D .even thoug they are not all the same of course :)

Mamilo Viril: Love the RUSITAS!

Chloe Pitre: Why are they like.chile? NOOOOOO what the fuck

KiloOne Shady: Don't you like soccer?

Bshthrasher: There must be something wrong with me, cause for me none of those statements were true, I've never acted like that. maybe I should for a change lol

Goro Matti: The girl in the video is simply beautiful

Ceyda Kilic: Do Norway! :)

TOAOM123: You know you're dating a Filipino woman when she makes pag pag, their most national dish.

Oscar Chicas: I want a German woman

Vex Studios: In Iraq it's really rare men and women are really faithful

MsAlice: Never dated a french girl, however I found them to be more elegant, femenin and beautiful in general than girls from other countries including my own! I don't know about their character tho, if they are as they 're depicted in this video I don't think they'd make me happier than I am on my own. or even try!

Fulangator: Gross.nothing worse than trying to hook up with someone at 5am, when everyone smells of smoke, is half drunk, tired, sweaty.disgusting really

Boybzph: He's hot! Lol

Icarus Bride: I think a latin opinion is needed there.

Eagle Papa: This was so funny to watch ^^

Michelle A: Israeli women are downright gorgeous

Regenlounge: They are structured, organised, disciplined and polite people. whereas we are unstructured, unorganized, indisciplined and very loud. look at our traffic lol).

Reannin Smart: The three hottest girls on the show were

Lilvalenn: Hahaha I m an Spanish woman and I can say that this video is great and pretty accurate. Love it

T. Thomas: The hottest man for my personal preference are trey songz, the asian men and the one on the bike 3

Xaimerom28: Please make a Greek Man version!

Kyle Kariba: Love this one! I'm half Romanian and even though I live mainly in Switzerland, I can recognise some of the cultural aspects! Well done :)

Daimyo2k: Woah first time I notice Korean sounds smexy

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Time to end it for good this time?

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Good one year anniversary ideas

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Fun fact: Every anniversary is associated with a gemstone, except the first—that one is gold. You can gift your guy a simple, gold-accented bracelet—this one. The traditional 1 year anniversary gift is paper. The modern...