Songs that give you feels - 17 Songs That Will Make You Feel All Of The Feels

So sang Elton John , and perhaps you can also relate. For some, nothing helps alleviate the fog better than finding companionship in the...

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We all experience highs and lows in life, even talented artists face both good and bad times. Personally, I'm kind of like Drake: So I can confidently say that I know the songs to listen to when you've got a case of the blues. Here's a list of 10 songs that will help you feel like you're not alone, when you start to catch feels.

This is the opening song in Nav's debut self-titled album and it's all about how he hates fame. This song is for when you're upset at yourself simply because you're you. Hey, it happens sometimes. Mondays are the worst

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  • 17 Songs That Will Make You Feel All Of The Feels
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20 Songs to Listen to If Sad Music Helps You Cope With Depression | The Mighty

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Songs that give you feels

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There's nothing better than a good song that gets you to your core. Everyone has their own taste in music, but when it comes to these ten songs, I guarantee...